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Who Runs YOUR Life, Your Ego or Your Soul?


"When God takes something from your grasp, It is not to punish you,
it is merely opening your hands to receive something better."
'The will of God will never take you
where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


Have you ever noticed that our Ego often chooses to perceive this differently? How?

By blaming and playing the victim whenever we don't get what we ask for or things don't go our way.

We did everything we thought would make it happen according to the rules of The Law of Attraction and it still didn't happen. We still didn't get what we wanted. We still didn't find that home or relationship; win that money or that car.

What do we usually do?

In some cases we are devastated and decide never to trust or get our hopes up again. Other times we whine and complain about how we never get any breaks. We certainly seldom think or choose to thank God or the Universe for keeping the way clear for something that would serve us better.

How many times have we gotten what we wanted only to find it wasn't as wonderful as our expectations led us to believe it would be? That gorgeous guy / gal wasn't so fun to be around. That house we longed for wasn't a happy home. That car we dreamed off had a blind spot that led to an accident or worse.

There is a fine line between our Ego's expectations and our Soul's authentic needs. Between focus and actions orchestrated by the Ego and spurred on by the Soul. Between following our Soul's urgings and our Ego's demands. The hardest part is in knowing the difference at the time.

A good barometer is the ease of flow over the ebbs of indecision. Moving forward without question. Saying yes from a gut level. Immediate trust that despite possible obstacles it will be a worthwhile experience either way.

However if the Ego focuses on the fears surrounding the decision made without hearing the Soul's solutions at the same time we can easily sabotage the good things coming in our lives.

Finally, whenever I am disappointed by something I desire taking too long according to my Ego's perception is, "Knowing God's Own Time is Best, In Patient Hope I rest."


My Soul finds comfort in that.  Maybe yours will too.


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Carolyn Shannon of  teaches fun venting techniques including Art from the Heart Adventures. Carolyn lives and works in Niagara Falls ON Canada

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